pooxuiste: Heey. Can you tell us something about you? You look pretty interesting :)


Hello! Thank you, interesting is good, though I can’t promise that’s exactly what I am.. I’m not sure what you’d like to know, so I’ll warn you that I’ll be more prone to saying too much rather than too little.. xx

  • I’ll start with a few things I like…I love driving when nobody is on the road and the stars are out, when everything blurs past and the windows down with air rushing past my face and even though it’s cold, it’s refreshing and makes me feel more awake than the day can.
  • I love reading, wether its an article, a novel, a biography, a text book. If a topic interests me, I derive pleasure from seeking out more about it. Plus I love the feeling of holding a book, or something physical, not just reading off a computer screen.
  • I love observing people. The expression on somebodies face when they are so overcome with joy, or when they’re struggling to hold in laughter, likewise I am intrigued by sadness. Wether it’s the people who silently try to hold it all together, or the ones who let themselves cry in front of you, completely open. By ‘intrigued’ please don’t think I love the feeling of watching somebody in pain- quite the opposite. 
  • I love songs with meaning. When you hear the voice of the singer, you listen carefully and try to think about what they went through to be able to write something so painful, or happy, or full of love for a particular person.
  • I love performing. I love the feeling of being able to transform myself completely, having a break from myself and being somebody else for a change I find can be so therapeutic and exciting. Not to mention I gain a sense of control that I fear occasionally i otherwise lack. I love public speaking for the same reason. 
  • The last thing I’ll tell you, is I love writing, which I guess ties in with performing as a way of expressing myself. I’m sure you could have already guessed this, judging by the length of this ramble (sorry!) I love being able to put something I see through my eyes into words, or seeing something that makes no sense in my mind come together on paper. I love being able to connect with people through writing, and I love when somebody sees something familiar or relatable in the things I say.

Hope that gives you, (and anyone else who may take the time to read) a little insight into some of the things that run through my mind. big love xx

for the anon who wanted to know more about me x

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I’m sorry everyone,

I won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions tonight. It is very late my time and I need to get up early tomorrow! Hope everyone is okay, stay strong, love you all x

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Anonymous: Thank you heaps for that you really do give great advice, I'll try get our friendship back to as normal as possible because really that is what I want most other than being together with him, thank you again, have a great night xxx

No problem at all, do let me know how it all goes! If you need anything else, I’m always here. Thank you darling, have a great night yourself xxxx

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Anonymous: OMG I think you're my soulmate

!! Come off anonymous please, lets chat xxx

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Anonymous: This is a lovely and soothing blog I like it :) and you're very interesting I read the post about you. I hope you find what you've been searching for and be happy and brave. :) much love

Thank you so much, honestly, messages like these are so beautiful and mean the world to me. Thanks for taking time out of your day, to make somebody else’s better. Heaps of love xx

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