singorum: It's cool to see a user on this app with such positive views and positive advice. It's sweet that you're there for so many of your followers!

Thank you so much! You’re an absolute treasure, I’ll always be here for my followers, especially those as kind as you are xxx

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s-un-kisse-d: There is something you should know and it is that you have an absolutely stunning blog xxx

Thank you so much! Very very kind of you to send this, hope your day is treating you well. Heaps of love xxxx

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t-artelette: favourite quote of all time? :)

"Accept what you can’t change, change what you can’t accept."

It is so simple and something that honestly has motivated me time and time again. 


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Anonymous: Hi! I love your blog :) anyways, if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Hello! Thank you so much, if I could go anywhere… I think I would travel to Greece. It looks absolutely beautiful and relaxing. No need to be on anonymous xx Thank you for the lovely question 

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Anonymous: thank you so so so so so much for your amazing advice on how to tell if a guy likes me. I appreciate it so much I always come here for advice haha. Also, my best friends boyfriend asked the guy and he claims he doesn't like me, so i'm trying to get over him once and for all. Thanks again lauren, you're a life saver xx

Not a problem at all my dear. So kind of you to send this, always come here if you need anyone to talk to. Hope all is going well & continues to do so xxx

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endlessoctoberss: How was your day?:)

Very lovely thank you, saw all my friends, first day back after holidays wasn’t as bad as I thought! And got to have coffee at the beach to top it off x

Okay so heaps of good blogs are sending questions in and this (^) is one of them. Just gave this gorgeous blog a follow, check it out. 

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Anonymous: Just wanted to say your blog always makes me calmer and in a better mood if I look at it before school haha

Thank you so much for sending this, so lovely to receive messages like these. No need to be on anonymous! Hope you’ve had a great start to your week xx

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afrodinus: What do you do to be in peace with your mind?

I write things down, I talk and be honest with people I care about, I take a walk and I always, always, always listen to music.

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